Timothée Calame & Coralie Rouet

Episode 1


HD Video, colour, sound


Courtesy of Weiss Falk and the Artists

Calame’s video and performative production is also the result of raids, of “dérives”. In his work titled Episode 1, the result of the collaboration with Coralie Rouet, the artist acts as a tourist guide in the streets of Marseille. The figure interpreted by Calame is inspired by the Pulcinella character of the Italian Renaissance Theater (Commedia dell’Arte). Calame is a tearaway wandering around the city, but his guided tour also includes other things: he goes to the barbershop, stands around telling stories partly true, partly invented. Like Pulcinella, he embodies a clumsy clown, crude in his shrewdness. The video documenting the roleplay is made up of improvisations on the city’s history and surrounding architecture: in front of a shack he tells of how, at the beginning of the 20th century, Marxists would meet there at night, while at the university campus he launches a stereotypical criticism of modernism. In his improvisations he uses the parlance of a fool, but always with a hint of truth. The guide figure played by Calame is a fake inhabitant of the city, a character that reflects the cliché of the semi-educated outcast and the poor artist.


Arthur Fink on Episode 1 at CURA Magazine, 2017