Excerpt of:

Fabian Marti

I.L.N. (Stories 2017–2019)


Single channel video, color, sound

22:50h (Excerpt, 44:58min)

Ed. 3 + 1 AP

Courtesy of Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich and the Artist


Fabian Marti’s on-going video project I.L.N. (Stories 2017-2019) is the culmination of years of daily posts to Instagram Stories. Similarly to

the paintings, this video project picks up and isolates seemly banal moments in the artist’s life. Each short, 15 second, video clip show

the artists face, taken in a variety of different places around the world, in different settings. Often you can hear someone talking in the

background, either friends or colleagues at dinner, or a podcast over the car stereo. Alone each video fragment isn’t much more than a

selfie, but the accumulated collection of short videos becomes a meditation on the notion of time. The daily routine becomes significant

as if captured in an attempt to slow the passing of time itself.This is complicated by the dates of each video’s making, superimposed in

the style of On Kawara’s date paintings over each 15 second clip in green. Time here is inescapable.


Scott Cameron Weaver on I.L.N. (Stories 2017-2019).