Beatrice Marchi

Loredana Across the Seasons


Digital animation, sound, color

2:45 min

Courtesy of the Artist


In Loredana Across the Seasons, 2016, an animation of pastel-drawn images, a shrimp lady is seen from behind as she contemplates a series of landscape paintings rushing by her; a digital guitar track accompanies. Moving from right to left, Bruegel winters, Morandi autumns, and Monet summers pass the figure, who drags absentmindedly her claw arms through her hair.

Beatrice Marchi

Amiche Forever


Digital animation, sound, color

4:32 min

Courtesy of the Artist


In the animated video Amiche Forever, 2017, a conversation between Miss and Culinski, which appears through Skype on an iPad screen, shows the two friends arguing in English and native Italian. “Your obsession with having a BFF is ridiculous!” “I want to be International!”. The video ends as Culinski receives a makeover reminiscent of a YouTube tutorial, replete with heavy contouring, false eyelashes, and labial lipstick, while a hip-hop song about friendship plays her out. The song "Never be my friend" (2014) was written by Beatrice Marchi and performed by friends with male voices that imitate falsetto voices. 

Beatrice Marchi

Story of a Girl Band


Digital animation, sound, color, 

5:35 min

Courtesy of the Artist


The video animation Story of a Girl Band, 2018, shows a group of figures becoming a girl band on airport speedwalks. The landscape in the background slowly fades to red turning into a red carpet where the formation of the new girl band is staged. The song, written by Beatrice Marchi, has been performed by friends with male voices that imitate falsetto voices.