United Brothers

Fukushima Android, Episode 2: The West Coast Affair 


Video, sound, color

42:41 min

Courtesy the artist and Green Tea Gallery World Wide/World Wide 


The UB Androids travel to Los Angeles to protect the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant from the Madame Association's machinations. However a new threat appears in the form of the evil 'Mad Scientist Group R.O.S.E.‘ who deploy Illegal Androids to test the limits of UB's Art Energy.

United Brothers

Fukushima Android, Episode 3: Ich bin ein Android


Video, sound, color

51:54 min

Courtesy the artist and Green Tea Gallery World Wide/World Wide


​With the majority of UB Androids in maintenance after the West Coast Affair, a new model Android 'Helena Type-A' must defend Berlin alone. Seizing on this weakened state, the Madame and Mad Scientist Alliance exploit Nuclear Waste stored in Gorleben in a bid to take full control of the city.


The Fukushima Android Series Franchise is a multi-part film series by UNITED BROTHERS, a collaboration of the Fukushima-born brothers Tomoo and Ei Arakawa. Set against the background of UNITED BROTHERS’ founding history, topics of radioactivity and energy form the starting point of UNITED BROTHERS activities. The Fukushima Android Series Franchise revolves around these topics, stretching them to question of the potential energy and power of art. 

Filmed between 2012 and 2017 in Berlin, Boston, Geneva, Hanover, Hawaii, Kyoto, Los Angeles, Naples, New York, Osaka, Paris, Tokyo, Zurich and Fukushima, the first season of the UB Fukushima Android Series features a wide cast of characters, many of whom have then contributed works for an exhibition at Freedman Fitzpatrick in Paris, here:


Richard Aldrich (Dr. Richie), Mathis Altmann (Illegal Android Super Mathis), Ei Arakawa (UB Vice President Ei), Henning Bohl (Dr. Henning), Kerstin Brätsch (Energy Maker East Kerstin), Nikolas Gambaroff (UB Agent Nik), Hanayo (Madame Tokyo), Max Hooper Schneider (Coffin Master Max), Cooper Jacoby (Vampire Cooper), Lisa Jo (UB Agent Lisa aka Princess Jo), Marie Karlberg (Energy Maker South Marie) Jason Loebs (Dr. Jason), Matthew Lutz-Kinoy (Mad Scientist Boss Mr. Matthew), Tobias Madison (Energy Maker West Tobias), Yuri Manabe (UB Dr. Yuri), Shimon Minamikawa (UB Dr. Shimon), Carissa Rodriguez (Dr. Carissa) Sergei Tcherepnin (UB Agent Sergei), Stefan Tcherepnin (Poison Master Stefan), Natsuko Uchino (Punk Girl Natsuko), Jan Vorisek (Dr. Vortex) Amy Yao (Dr. Amy) Anicka Yi (Madame LA) and Beatrice Marchi, Tanja Nis-Hansen, Astrid Nylander, Davide Stucchi, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger (Five Agents) and more characters