Kaspar Müller

Rendering of service in the pitch of the bruise

introducing Timothy Lee Standring



Videos, sound, colour,

Courtesy of Galerie Francesca Pia, Galleria Federico Vavassori, Société Berlin, The Green Gallery and the artist.


The “universal expansion of culture (everything becomes art, everyone becomes an artist) and the universal transformation of everything into commodities, even artworks” are part of the “cultural logic of late capitalism.” Economization has long included areas such as education, health, communication, and transport, namely providing people with essential (cultural) goods and services. Kaspar Müller’s film brings us face to face with this situation and postindustrial society’s concept of labor. He discusses the consequences of the total economization of society and working conditions. Work has only been considered as something positive since the nineteenth century. It was the French philosopher Jacques Rancière who reminded us that art played a significant role in this revaluation, because it unites “the traditionally opposing concepts of manufacturing activity and visibility in one idea.” 


Excerpt from Roman Kurzmeyers Text for the exhibition Rendering of service in the pitch of the bruise at Der Tank, FHNW HGK Basel