Falling Awake, again

Programmed by Attilia Fattori Franchini


Niklas Lichti 

Concrete Quarterly, 2020

HD video with sound

20:20 min

Courtesy the artist and Emanuel Layr, Vienna/Rome

Lichti’s videos are apt tales that detail the abundance of lives lived without options, which in some of their content remind us distantly of Tom McCarthy (isolation and mediatised access to the world) and Mark Fisher (the psychological as indirect consequence of the social). In Concrete Quarterly, a dented, yellowish plastic face with a darkly distorted voice uses diary entries to recount attempts to free oneself from depression and physical decay. In the process, one learns about the narrator’s fetish for special-interest magazines, among them Counterpunch and the eponymous Concrete Quarterly, which apparently represent the only connection to the outside world and assume the role of a kind of lifeline.